Matter: Antimicrobial Coating

A safe and sustainable solution to make high-touch surfaces low risk situations.

Matter is an antimicrobial coating that provides product protection by reducing damaging microbes by 99.9%.

Save the disinfectant wipes and start bringing products safely into your home.

How it works

Reduce Risk on
Germ Gathering Surfaces

Matter provides protection against 99.9% of microbes including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Advanced silver ion technology eliminates the opportunity for microbes to exist on a protected surface. It stops bacteria’s ability to metabolize by preventing it from converting nutrients into energy, which inhibits bacterial survival, reproduction and colonization.

The New Normal

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, we continue to see and feel shifts in consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. People everywhere are stockpiling disinfectant wipes, soap, gloves, and hand sanitizer. New laborious disinfecting routines are carried out on our groceries and delivery boxes are left outside for days.

We know the risk of disease transmission from surfaces is real, but it took a global pandemic for companies and consumers to realize the true vulnerabilities of high touch surfaces, specifically packaging.

What if brands could provide protection against disease transmission from high-touch surfaces? And what would this mean for packaging as a communication tool for companies?

Matter meets the demand for a safer, sustainable brand experience. Our coating delivers trust without the waste.

Full of Protection.
Free of Worry.

Deliver protection and build long-lasting customer trust with Matter. Apply our antimicrobial coating to your company’s physical materials: shipping boxes, product packaging, marketing collateral, and anything else your customers might come into contact with.

Matter can be either aqueous or solvent-based, making it compatible with all types of materials. Applying it as a coating to your packaging is the easiest and most cost-effective way of providing antimicrobial protection, but the possibilities are truly endless.

Compatible Materials
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Textiles
White text bounces on a dark background and reads: 99.9% Protection from microbes including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We can never eliminate all risk; but Matter can minimize it to .1%. A protective coating for the greater good.

Who Benefits?

Well, everyone.

Consumers. Brands. Products. People.

Adding Matter can be a small step in providing protection for the collective good.

This protective coating works 24/7, lasts the lifetime of the product and never compromises the integrity of your products aesthetic or functionality.

Create a safe & recyclable brand experience
Works 24/7
EPA & FDA approved
Entirely recyclable

Antibacterial vs Antimicrobial

What’s the difference?

Matter uses silver technology which is effective against a broad range of microbes. This advanced technology is often referred to having antimicrobial qualities rather than just antibacterial qualities. This is an important distinction because many diseases that affect human beings today all involve "viral" pathogens, not bacteria.

It's time we start taking matter into our own hands It's time we start taking matter into our own hands It's time we start taking matter into our own hands It's time we start taking matter into our own hands It's time we start taking matter into our own hands It's time we start taking matter into our own hands

A New Standard

Matter is a step in the right direction for companies to meet the forever changed attitudes towards microbes and better protect their products and the equity they've built around them.

Matter isn’t a cure all for COVID-19 or the host of challenges we face as a society at the moment, but we believe it is an important step in returning a sense of normalcy to the way we interact with people and products.

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